Wedding Planning Advice: Know Your Venue

Wedding Planning Advice: Know Your Venue

You just got engaged and you’re ready to start planning. You have a date in mind and you’re on the hunt for the perfect venue. As you compare prices, you notice that a few are significantly less in price so you quickly sign a contract. You’re proud of yourself and think surely you have landed quite a deal, right?


The majority of the venues in your city – be it San Antonio, Austin or anywhere beyond – are priced relative to one another. They know their target audience and closest competitors and typically stay within a similar price range. So why is the gorgeous outdoor venue on the lakefront property, estate or historic property so much less?

It all comes down to what’s included.

Below: Villa del Lago (Austin, Texas) – Style Me Pretty

Prices vary by city, but many outdoor facilities and estates can be rented for as much as 30% less than other traditional venues. While these options are absolutely stunning (we love them!), what you need to take into account is whether rental items are included. This means tables, chairs, linens, tents, lighting, etc. These fees add up very quickly and often exceed the cost of other comparable venues.

Not adding in these line items can quickly break your budget – so ask the following questions before signing a contract:

  1. What rental items are included (tables, chairs, linens etc)?
  2. Are there upgrade options on these items (many will have a basic offering that’s included, with optional upgraded selections)?
  3. Is there a kitchen on site, or does the caterer need to come with food prepared?
  4. Is an on-site coordinator provided?
  5. Is valet provided/required?
  6. Is security provided/required?
  7. Is a bridal suite and groom’s room available prior to the ceremony?
  8. What set-up is provided by the venue (tables, chairs, etc)?
  9. What restrictions are there with regard to decorations?

The logistics above are very important – if not properly informed, your vendors can easily show up and be in a major bind! Can you imagine your caterer showing up with the expectation that an oven and refrigerator are available…and they’re wrong?

Don’t panic, though! If your venue you have selected does not include some of the items above, no problem. You plan ahead and you adjust your budget accordingly.

Below: Pasadera Country Club (Monterey, CA) – Style Me Pretty

Need help adjusting your budget? Not sure what to ask your vendors? That’s what we’re here for! As wedding planners, we handle the logistics and you get to relax and enjoy your wedding.

Wedding Planning Advice: Know Your Venue

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