About Mayhar Design

Melanie of Mayhar Design

Hello! My name is Melanie. It is lovely to meet you.  I am the creative director and owner of Mayhar Design, a company that I have had the joy of running for over 12 years.  In my wildest dreams, I would never have guessed that my path would lead me to this place, but I am so glad that it did.  It was a path that took me to New York to follow a dream, and then eventually into the world of weddings and event design. It was also a path that brought me back home to Texas and introduced me to the world of interiors.

I have been so blessed to work alongside some truly beautiful and talented designers and firms, from the world of event design and production to residential design and decor.  And then, in addition, so blessed to grow Mayhar over the years, starting out as an accessory designer and then jumping into full event design and planning and eventually, interior styling.

In each and every project I have come to value the importance of relationships and the integrity of the experience. The gatherings and spaces that we design and curate help to define the moments we are working to create and meaning behind them.  Each detail is important.  And, it has been such a joy to partner with our clients in building and adding to these moments and experiences.

What does Mayhar mean?

While it is often confused for my last name, Mayhar is actually my nickname! It was given to me many years ago, and is very dear to my heart!

How long have you been in the wedding and interior industries?

I have worked for various firms in both the event and interior design industries since 2003.  Over the years I have gained experience in large scale event design and production as well as high end residential interior design and decor.  In addition to my experiences and training under other industry professionals, Mayhar Design was founded in 2008.  We began by designing and sewing ring bearer pillows for weddings and re-branded into a full service design and planning boutique in 2011.

Where is your company based?

We are based out of my home town in San Antonio, Texas.  I live here with my husband, Seth, and two littles, Caleb and Hannah.  And, then of course, or beagle Becky.  That said, we are accustomed to working all over Texas and beyond.  If you feel that our style and mission are a good fit for you and your project, we would love to hear from you!

What do you stand firm in?

As a business owner, as a person and as a company, we stand firm in the following:

HONESTY in all that we do. We believe in integrity and accountability in all of our words, actions and commitments. We want our clients to feel loved, appreciated, and that their hopes and expectations are not only being met, but exceeded.

BEAUTY in the process. There is unexpected beauty and inspiration everywhere you look in the world. It is our goal to help capture and portray new beauty in everything we design and create.

FAITH and GENEROSITY. Faith in God and faith in His plan. We feel so very blessed and thankful to have this opportunity to do what we love. It is our obligation to generously serve our clients in love and to the best of our ability.