A Trip to Florence

We landed in Florence on a dreary, rainy Monday, which turned out to be the perfect backdrop to this gorgeous fairy tale city. The russet-colored roof tiles overhanging the narrow cobblestone streets immediately made you feel as if you had been transported in time. We spent the first afternoon dodging rain storms and popping in and out of quaint Italian eateries sandwiched between breathtaking architectural masterpieces.

Florence is such a beautiful city, overflowing with character and warmth and history. It is a glorious mix of old and new, that somehow manages to embrace the current culture, with only minimal signs that time has moved forward. And, as it was once the stomping ground to some of the most gifted artisans of all time, it houses an incredible collection of art pieces, beautifully displayed and secretly hidden in every nook and cranny. I can only hope that my pictures help to give even a tiny glimpse of its radiance and grandeur.

A Trip to Florence
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