A Trip to Cinque Terre, Italy

A Trip to Cinque Terre, Italy

It took a cab and a train, some comfortable hiking shoes (aka, flip flops when unprepared) and a rickety bus, but we finally made it to Cinque Terre!

Nestled within the rocky Western Italian coastline, Cinque Terre is the charming collection of five fishing villages that seem to steal the hearts of anyone who journeys there. It could be the brightly painted homes and shops, lovingly built within the cliff-side walls, that draw fans and tourists alike. Or, perhaps it’s the enchanting experience of sharing an evening dining with gracious and hospitable Italian restauranteurs as they serve you endless bowls of seafood, family style. I, however, am convinced that it is the view from the cliff’s edges that make Cinque Terre so irresistible. It took our breath away.

Here are a couple of our favorite moments. Have a wonderful Thursday.

P.S. As I was called out yesterday for stiffing him on the photo credit in Florence…I wanted to thank my sweet husband, Seth McKinley, for his help with the photos. We are definitely a team of untrained unprofessionals, and he is the best second shooter I know (haha)! Thank you Honey!

A Trip to Cinque Terre, Italy
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