Home Design Inspiration: Accessorizing with Shades of Sage, Blue and Creme

Home Design Inspiration: Accessorizing with Shades of Sage, Blue and Creme

The beauty of accessories is that they can help to transform any space, with just a little bit of effort and at a potentially great price point!  While it may not be possible to re-design the spaces in your home often and on a dime, you can certainly edit your accessories in and out to create environments that feel fresh, new and inspiring!  I know that for me personally, I love to mix it up and try new looks and colors!

Scroll down to see some fun items and accessories, all inspired by the design board above, which can easily be added into your existing rooms for a quick refresh and chic new look.  In an effort to honor a budget, I decided to “shop” for everything from my favorite spot of all spots, Target.  They are my go-to for all things design related and when I am in a styling bind.  And, because they offer so many great deals and such beautiful designs, you can purchase without guilt and create a beautiful look that is well worth the investment!

Accent Furniture
While it may not be realistic to purchase all new furnishings when you feel the need to mix up your room design, it may be possible to add in one or two new accent pieces.  You can typically find them at really great price points and in fun colors!

Accent Pillows
With fairly neutral furnishings, you can literally change out your accent colors and pillows anytime you want and give yourself a totally new feel!

Vases, Baskets and Bowls
Planters, vases and bowls not only make good storage containers or vessels to display plants or flowers, but they can serve as decor themselves and add a beautiful pop to your room!

Throw Blankets
Throw blankets are not only functional, but can add such a fun pop of color to any room.  Throw them in a basket or over your couch arm and call it a day!

Lamps are also a great way to mix it up!  Trade your old lamps in for a couple of fun new colors and see how it adds to your new space.

1.Blue Accent Table
2. Olive Green Accent Table
3. Gold Tray Accent Table
4. White Bookshelf
5. Blue Pattern Accent Pillow
6. White Poof Accent Pillow
7. Green Stripe Accent Pillow
8.  Chambray Accent Pillow
9. Ivory Fringe Pillow
10. Low Ceramic Bowl
11. Tall Ceramic Vase
12. Ivory Textural Vase
13. Terra Cotta Planter
14. Ivory Planter
15. Gold Geometric Bowls
16. Wicker Basket
17. Soft Woven Basket
18. Large Decorative Basket
19. Gray Stripe Throw Blanket
20. Blue Stripe Blanket
21. Green Stripe Blanket
22. Herringbone Table Lamp
23.Blue and White Table Lamp
24. Tall Floor Lamp
25. Beige Ceramic Table Lamps


Home Design Inspiration: Accessorizing with Shades of Sage, Blue and Creme

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