Featured Artist: Caroline Joy Rector

Featured Artist: Caroline Joy Rector

While we have taken a teeny tiny break from our Friday posts, we are thrilled to be back, featuring a photographer whose work we simply adore. We had the absolute pleasure of working with Caroline Joy Rector this past March on our watercolor photo shoot in Fredericksburg. I do not know where to begin…

As a photographer, she is exquisitely gifted. If I had to pick a word to describe her images, it would be graceful. Caroline has a way of capturing each moment and detail with the sincerest and most beautiful elegance. Her attention to perspective and emotion in her clients and subjects is so very perfect. Perhaps it is her joyously warm personality that makes each client so comfortable, but inevitably her images manage to portray the softest, kindest and most intimate pieces of time. They are stunning.

As a fellow team member, she is a rock star. In the industry that we work, we get the opportunity to collaborate with so many gifted artists everyday. It can sometimes be difficult to do your part and then hand it over to the next person, not fully knowing that they share the same vision as you. The extent and care that Caroline takes with each and every shot is amazing. I watched her lovingly work for hours upon hours, above and beyond what was necessary, ensuring that each and every shot was perfect and true to the design. She is caring and thoughtful and respectful, and so very wonderful to work with.

Finally, as a person, she is simply lovely. From even the briefest time working with her, you can immediately tell that she is loved by all. She is energetic and joyous and clearly loves what she does. And, her company and brand are without a doubt a beautiful extension of all that she embodies.

We love Caroline and her work to pieces. Please enjoy these lovely images we have included and stop by her website for even more!

Featured Artist: Caroline Joy Rector

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