Donate the Cost of Dinner

Donate the Cost of Dinner

For nearly a year, I have been working with the non-profit organization Gulu Hope. The organization was started by family friends in an effort to provide assistance in Africa to individuals returning home from IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons Camps). After decades of war, individuals are returning home to nothing, with no means of providing for themselves. Recognizing the need, Gulu Hope has reached out to these destitute villagers through the gift of education.

Men and women are now able to enter a vocational training center to learn a trade – from sewing to bamboo bicycle making, these individuals learn a trade, learn English and learn the basics in business skills. For once they have the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, helping to raise the economy in their villages.

In an effort to raise funds to help more individuals attend the vocational center, this Friday, September 10th marks the first annual Dine-in for Gulu.

How often do we eat out at a restaurant without a second thought of from where our next meal will come? We are all afforded the luxury of options as well. For one night, Gulu Hope is encouraging you to stay in. Rather than eat out, donate the money you would have spent and make a huge difference to the lives of people in Gulu, Uganda Africa.

Children in Uganda are not permitted to attend school without this mandatory uniform, and many families cannot afford it! Yet with your small donation of $25, you truly can give the gift of education by not dining out just once.

I encourage you to join this effort and make a donation this week!

Donate the Cost of Dinner
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