Charming Charleston

Charming Charleston

Oh how charming she is! I am excited to share images today from my recent trip to Charleston. I had never been before, but was so excited when my husband’s family decided on this lovely city as our family vacation spot. I haven’t spent much time in the sweet Southern states, but after this trip, cannot wait to go back!

To step into Charleston is to step back in history to a time when America was creating its roots and fighting for its freedoms. Southern cuisine, hospitality and personality ooze from every nook and cranny and the landscape speaks beautifully of a time where culture and American history were fighting for their mark on time. From the historic downtown mansions and Civil War monuments, to the exquisitely lavish plantation life and beautiful beaches, I cannot say enough. It was beautiful….and Southern….and everything I hoped it would be!!

I hope you enjoy!

Charming Charleston
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