Full Service Event Planning and Coordination


Full service event planning and coordination is our broadest and most inclusive client experience. By allowing us to create, manage, coordinate and guide you through each and every step of the planning process, as they relate to both logistics and design, the Mayhar team serves as your point of contact from start to finish.

Our approach to creating your most intentional celebration is broken down as follows:

The Design

Design is the first of two very important steps that will lay the groundwork for all that is to come in your wedding planning experience. It is the visual definition of what your day will look and feel like… what your guests will experience, how they will be welcomed and embraced by the environment you create and how your own unique personalities and wishes will be expressed throughout the day. Through detailed conversation, visual storyboards are created to represent the core of your aesthetic and to serve as unifying guideposts for all decisions that lie ahead. It is our ultimate goal for you to focus on the ones you love, and for our team to handle all of the rest.

The Financial Framework

The second, and equally important initial step, is the creation of your event budget. There is ultimate clarity in knowing what your financial framework looks like and how to successfully achieve that outcome. It is our responsibility and pleasure to help you define each and every piece of the puzzle and help you walk forward, making decisions with ultimate confidence and ease.

The Team

Your wedding team is the group of artisans and vendors that will help orchestrate and breathe your vision to life. Based upon your unique personality and aesthetic we will walk hand in hand with you, selecting each and every vendor and collaborating throughout the entire process, ensuring that everyone is aligned, informed and a perfect fit for your day.

The Details

As creative directors and planners, we are here to assist with each and every decision along the way. How should you lay out your timeline of events? How should your wedding party dress? How do you create an event that welcomes your guests and makes them feel special? What should a ceremony look like and what needs to be included? How do I create my best guest list? How do I get everything completed in time and in what order? From floor plans to flowers, we will be by your side offering advice and support and serving as your guide and liaison as each intimate detail is mapped out.

The Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be filled with joy and love and the friends and family that you love and cherish most. Our team of Mayhar planners will be onsite as the day starts and ends, to help guide, lead and answer questions. We spearhead the vendor team in overseeing all aspects of set-up and breakdown; we provide assistance throughout the day to all members of the wedding party, helping to ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable and confident with their roles and where they need to be at all times; and, we serve as behind the scenes guides throughout your entire event, maintaining a smooth timeline and layout of events. It is our ultimate goal for you to focus on the ones you love, and for our team to handle all of the rests

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