Design Board and Design Detail Boards



Design Board

A Design Board is home base. It is the visual representation of how you want your celebration to look and feel, wrapped up into a consolidated and curated collection of images. After thoughtful conversation regarding your personal style and wishes for the day, we create a custom design board, specific to your event. Design boards are the starting point of any project, and they carefully take into consideration each client’s true design aesthetic, color palette and the spaces and venues in which their event will take place. In our experience, we have found that having an intentional storyboard of imagery that rings true to your overall vision, allows your team of vendors and partners to bring their gifts and talents in a way that is clear and cohesive. When the vision is clear, each step along the way becomes defined and purposeful.

Design Detail Board

Once a design is created and defined, the next step in the process is breathing that vision to life through the recommendation and selection of literal details. The Design Board is your vision and the Design Details Board becomes your reality. Supplementary, detailed storyboards are created that present specific linens, florals, tabletop rentals, furniture rentals, paper goods concepts, and day-of details. This presentation is specific in style and specific to your budget and can be used directly with your team of vendors as you move forward and begin the process of solidifying your team and all of the puzzle pieces that will come together to create your day.

While we love to create a combination of the two boards listed above, we understand that your needs may not include both. Our Design Board is intended for a client looking for a comprehensive, overarching concept and aesthetic for their day. Our Design Details Board is much more specific in nature and geared towards finding exact pieces of the puzzle, once the design itself has been clearly defined.

We rely heavily on both as we navigate through each project. If you feel like either or both of these would be a helpful addition into your planning process, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!

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