Cool Space: W Austin

Cool Space: W Austin

Last week I attended a conference at the W Austin – it was the second time I’d been to the hotel. I went in with the intention of grabbing some photos of the unique spaces, but only had time to capture a few.

The atmosphere is very modern, and I love the seating areas – there are so many comforting oversized sofas and chairs, all topped with colorful pillows. We love pillows here at Mayhar! I have a slight love for succulents as well, so the potted plants lining the wall of the entry way had me dancing for joy.

I didn’t have a chance to check out all the spaces, but hopped online upon returning home to get a better tour of the hotel. I must say, if I ever had the need to stay a night in Austin, I’ve found my home!

And by the way, how great would it be to snuggle up next to that fire with a glass of wine and books? As long as they don’t mind me cruising down there in my oversized sweatshirt and slippers.

Photos below courtesy W Austin

Cool Space: W Austin
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