Our Approach to Design

blessingsWith a background in interior design and a strong love and appreciation for all things beautiful, artistic, and authentic, it is our goal to inspire, design, and create projects & events that are thoughtfully curated and embody the feelings, emotions, and wishes of each client.

We are inspired everyday by moments large and small, and feel that it is within even the tiniest details that the most intimate and touching emotions can be expressed. As creative directors, it is our responsibility to listen closely and work hand in hand with each client, ensuring that each event is designed and carried out with utmost care and respect.

We are strong believers in honesty, integrity, and creating beautiful and graceful aesthetics. Having been immersed in the wedding industry for over five years, we continue to fall deeper and deeper in love. We are in love with the gifted artisans and professionals that we get to work alongside everyday. And, we are in love with the clients who lovingly trust us and allow us into their lives in preparation for their special celebrations.

If you feel that we would be a good fit for your wedding, event, or project, we would be thrilled to visit with you and hear more!

Melanie & Ashleigh