Our Background & Story

Mayhar Design was founded in 2009 by Texas-born sisters Ashleigh Davis and Melanie McKinley. With combined backgrounds in business, marketing, design and styling, Mayhar was initially launched around a custom line of specialty wedding decor products. Eight years later, Mayhar has officially transformed into a full scale design and event styling company. It is our desire to inspire through beauty and creativity and we stand firm in our mission to uphold the company values of honesty, beauty, generosity and faith:

  • Honesty in all that we do. We believe in integrity and accountability in all of our words, actions and commitments. We want our clients to feel loved, appreciated, and that their hopes and expectations are not only being met, but exceeded.
  • Beauty in the process. There is unexpected beauty and inspiration everywhere you look in the world. It is our goal to help capture and portray new beauty in everything we design and create.
  • Faith and Generosity. Faith in God and faith in His plan. We feel so very blessed and thankful to have this opportunity to do what we love, and hope to grow in a way that allows us to generously give back to the community and those who have been less fortunate.

Meet the Team

Melanie McKinleyMelanie McKinley
Creative Director
I am in love with and obsessed with the color pink. Nothing makes me smile like fresh flowers or laughing children. I am extremely particular and perfectionistic, often to a fault. I moved to New York after college to become an actress, but became a nanny, waitress, seamstress, and interior designer instead. Nothing brings me joy like singing, although I am terrified to do so in public. I am married to the love of my life and feel incredibly blessed & grateful every day. I feel that simply loving and helping others is the most important thing we can ever do for each other. With all of my heart, I love to create. I see art and color and beauty in people and life everyday, and am so thankful to be able to share this passion with clients everyday.
Ashleigh DavisAshleigh Davis
Business Director
Nothing inspires me quite like business ventures. I am a self-proclaimed geek who loves technology, marketing, and finding solutions to complex problems. I am an achiever to the core who delights in the knowledge that I can be wiser tomorrow than I am today. At any given time, I am always juggling three to five books. In my mind, the most exciting Friday night is being curled up in pajamas, a glass of wine in hand, and my husband and four pets by my side. I value God, family, and close friends more than anything. And, despite all my geeky left-brained passion, my right-brained creativity kicks into overdrive when browsing beautiful décor, fashion, and design on Pinterest.